friends like these by gregory crafts

by Gregory Crafts

"A Masterpiece" - L.A. Examiner

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nominee - top of the fringe
broadway world LA nominee for Best Play
nominee - fringe ensemble award
official selection - fringe encore series
nominee - best featured actress (local play) - parissa helen koo - broadway world los angeles
honoree - stagescenela 2013-2014 scenie - memorable sound design - corwin evans
nominee - best lighting design - mike berger - broadway world los angeles
nominee - best direction (local play) - wendy gough soroka - broadway world los angeles
 LA Fringe Award nomination for overall outstanding contribution to LA Theatre
nominee - thirty90ne golden elephant award - best actor
nominee - thirty90ne golden elephant award - best director
nominee - thirty90ne golden elephant award - best producer
nominee - artistic director achievement award 2009 - best ensemble
winner - 2010 TUny award - best director(s) - sean fitzgerald & vance roi reyes
nominee - 2014 TUny award - best director - wendy gough
official selection - 2010 New York International Fringe Festival
nominee - 2010 TUny award - best production
nominee - 2014 TUny award - best design - sean fitzgerald, fight choreography

"You will be changed after seeing Friends Like These."

- Proxart Magazine

world premiere - GO - LA Weekly
hollywood fringe 2014 - stage raw recommended
san diego international fringe festival - east village reader critics pick
hollywood fringe 2014 - worth the ticket - gia on the move
hollywood fringe 2014 - lemon lounge teen critics pick
new york international fringe festival 2010 - what to see this week - new york observer

"Powerful performances and a relatable storyline make this a memorable, moving, and above all, must-see show."

- East Village San Diego Reader

The Show

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friends like these by gregory crafts, now published by steele spring stage rights

In this honest and poignant look at adolescence, Garret, an outsider, navigates the tumultuous halls of his school with his best friend Diz, a self-proclaimed freak. They escape the day-to-day tortures of high school in a game-world called Haven, where they slay monsters and save maidens. When Garret catches the attention of Nicole, a popular cheerleader with an honest heart, it upsets the status quo. Jealousy and betrayal force Garret to confront past mistakes and question who his real friends are. This gut-wrenching new play unswervingly explores the tragic consequences of bullying that have left us staggering as a nation time and time again.
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Format: Full Length
Run Time: 90-105 minutes
3 Male, 2 Female

"The level of emotional intelligence, language and teen experientiality of the material is spot on, thus, and relevant as all hell."

- Gia On The Move

Dramatis Personae

That's just a fancy way of saying 'The Characters.'
Cast: 3 Male, 2 Female
  • nicole, the cheerleader


    The Cheerleader, 16

    With wisdom and maturity well beyond her years, Nicole is far from your typical cheerleader. She dumps Jesse after discovering him cheating on her. From there, she meets Garrett and is immediately smitten by his sincerity and charming awkwardness. She delves deeper and deeper into Garrett's world, thrilling him, but also inciting an aggressive Jesse and jealous Diz to act against her.

  • garret, the geek


    The Geek, 17

    Garrett is an outsider with a secret. Constantly tortured in school and relegated to the social fringe, he just tries to get through each day as best as possible. The only bright spots in his life are his two friends, Bryan and Diz, and the place they all share: a wondrous game world called Haven. All of this changes, however, when he's noticed by the most popular cheerleader in school. Suddenly, things start to look up! He's in love, finding confidence and enjoying his daily life for the first time... until the past comes back to haunt him. Harassed by Nicole's angry ex-boyfriend, and forced to deal with his best friend Diz's jealousy and suspicion, Garrett's life will never be the same.

  • bryan, the social butterfly


    The Social Butterfly, 16

    Bryan is a dichotomy. Part Super Jock, part Über Geek. He splits his weekends between wrestling practice with Jesse and going to Haven with Garrett and Diz. Genuine and good-natured, he manages to walk a fine line and fit in with even the most extreme social categories. When things start to change, however, he's forced to pick a side. Little does he know, that decision will affect his life forever.

  • diz, the freak


    The Freak, 15

    Clad in an oversized hoodie, baggy jeans and a moniker borrowed from her favorite Tiny Toon, Danielle Watts may as well be just one of the guys. Garrett’s best friend and confidant, she secretly harbors a fierce crush on him but doesn’t know how to express it. When Garrett starts dating Nicole, Diz’s jealousy threatens to get the better of her, and drive her to unspeakable lengths to win him back.

  • jesse, the jock


    The Jock, 17

    Alpha male through-and-through, Jesse is a typical swaggering high school jock. His life is turned upside down, however, when his girlfriend Nicole discovers him having sex with her best friend. Furthering his disgrace, Nicole starts dating Garrett, the biggest geek in the school and Jesse's usual target for abuse. Fueled by rage and humiliation, Jesse will stop at nothing to take back what he sees as rightfully his.

"...a play less about high-school or petty romance, but about identity and the darkness that often fuels it."

- Fine Arts L.A.

The Playwright

Meet the man behind the curtain.
    gregory crafts, playwright behind friends like these

    Gregory Crafts


    Gregory Crafts is a multi-hyphenate creative artist residing in the Arts District of North Hollywood, California with his beloved wife, Jenn, and their two cats. Besides writing, his interests include acting, directing, going to the theatre, reading, playing video games, designing web sites, participating in 5k mud runs, comic books and martial arts. He is a founding member of Theatre Unleashed and is proud to serve as its Managing Director. He is also a card-carrying member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity, the Dramatists Guild, a founding member of the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles and a member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. He likes to spend what little free time he has playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends or watching the UFC. A proud graduate of Emerson College, Greg also nurses an unhealthy obsession with the Boston Red Sox.

"Crafts  eloquently captures the petty  jealousies, pointless cruelties, and  heightened self-consciousness of  painful adolescence."

- Backstage

Production History

To know where we're going, know where we've been.

"...a shrewd study of modern adolescence."


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"Crafts does a good job of capturing the nightmare of daily abuse… and offers sympathetic insight into those unpopular teens who are pushed to a murderous breaking point."

- Stage Raw

Giving Back

We want to make a difference!
friends like these is proud to support Rachel's Challenge
Greg is proud to pledge a portion of all royalties and revenues from book sales and licensed productions of Friends Like These to Rachel's Challenge, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, equipping and empowering every person to create a permanent positive culture change in their school, business and community by starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.
proud to support Rachel's Challenge
Rachel Scott was a remarkable young woman who was known for reaching out to students at her school that were new, lonely or picked on. She was also, tragically, the first victim of the Columbine High School Massacre. Inspired by her writings, her family began Rachel's Challenge to honor her memory and tackle the issues of bullying and teen sucicde head-on.

Check out other ways to support Rachel's Challenge on their website!

" insightful play. I will be thinking and talking about this show for a long time."

- Broadway World

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